About Alaska Bush Adventures Big Game Hunting


We are a small family-owned business that offers very remote hunting with access only by a Super Cub on wheels or float plane landing on a river in front of one of our four main base camps.

All of our equipment in the field was flown in to a small remote village in the bush, and then they were disassembled and ferried by jet boat up river on a three day boat trip to our base camps.

We are one of the few Alaskan guide outfitters that offer as much equipment for hunting transportation in the Alaskan terrain. Most guide operations only use Super Cubs to fly their clients in to the mountains and hunt out of spike camps on foot. We offer Super Cub fly outs to spike camps as well but also offer 8-boat, and float boat transportation while hunting out of one of our base camps with comfortable accommodations to access the most remote areas for hunting. The bear density in our area is high therefore provides us with liberal season limits of two Brown Bear and up to five Black Bear a year.

Alaska Bush Adventures specializes in Brown Bear Hunting, Black Bear Hunting, Caribou Hunting, Moose Hunting, Wolf and Wolverine.