Southwestern Alaska is full of winding and converging rivers that are plentiful with fish and surrounding wildlife but few are not overrun with other fisherman. The beautiful Holitna/Hoholitna and their numerous tributaries are easy flowing mostly flat-water rivers and streams offers you the opportunity for the best secluded fresh water fishing trip in the region. You will pass through forests of black and white spruce, poplars, birch, and cottonwood trees. The river begins in the Alpine mountains and passes through a lot of windy, slow turns moving on its long trip down to meet the Kuskokwim River. It is the most remote, least traveled river, and is very unlikely that you will see any other people. King Salmon The upper river starts above tree line in the tundra, then lower down it travels through mixed white and black spruce, cottonwood, and poplar forest. The water is crystal clear with good steady flow. You will be surrounded by beauty and wildlife along the way. In the distance by rolling tundra hills filled with berries while the river corridor is narrower and secluded by lowland brush. Further downriver, the scenery turns wooded. Alaska Yukon Moose, Alaskan Caribou, Alaska Brown Bear, Wolf, and Wolverine are but a few of the animal species that wander these areas. In addition you will also see an abundance of waterfowl and native Alaskan game birds. With fish to catch in the mountain lakes, rivers, and streams, wildlife to view, breathtaking scenery at your fingertips, and plenty of seclusion, we’re sure your trip will be the most memorable ever!

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