Many people believe that Moose are dumb animals and are easy to harvest. While sometimes they appear that way, they are really fairly elusive except during the Rut. Most Game Management Units in Alaska close Moose season down shortly after the Rut gets started. Even when they are in the Rut, finding a big mature Bull Moose is often a challenge. Much of the State has a  predator to a ungulate population imbalance that  created a shortage of Moose due to years of the cancellation of Alaska’s intensive predator management programs. That in it self is a whole other project to which we blogged on in the past. However there are many ways one can greatly increase the odds of harvesting a good Bull Moose.  Just like in most of the big game hunting in the lower 48, even in Alaska, one needs to get away from where the heavy hunting pressure is through out the easily accessed country. Most Unguided hunters and local hunters do not travel very far away from urban populated areas. Alaska’s Air Charters or Air Taxi Services usual take all there guys to within an hour to one and a half hour flying time from their base of operations. Guides/Outfitters offer hunts that are usually out away from the heavily hunted areas that are closer to the Towns and larger Villages. It will cost more but you get what you pay for. If you want to have a good chance at harvesting your Trophy Moose, you should not count on being one of the few lucky guys. It is wiser to invest in the services of a Guide/Outfitter Hunting business instead of an Air Plane Charter Flying Service which is only there to provide you Transportation service not a Hunting trip. Don’t get the two totally different type of Service providers mixed up. One can only provide a  Plane Flying Service, the other provides a Hunting Service for Alaska’s Big Game. Most guys don’t realize that Air Taxis/Flying Services can not sell you a hunt, yet when you are talking to them, you would not know it from the dialog you have with them. Who would you hire to help you find  a good home to buy, a Taxi Cab or a Real Estate Agent?


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