“After much research and information gathering I choose Alaska Bush Adventures for my bear hunt. After meeting with Les and Ryan Krank, I was sure I had made a good choice. Upon arriving in base camp, I went over the final plan for the hunt with guide Ryan. Ryan was as knowledgeable as anyone I have ever hunted with and seemed truly exited about our hunt. The next day we flew on a cub plane to the middle of nowhere and set up camp. Next morning the hunt was here. I had been told to be in shape and had worked had to do so before my hunt. I felt I was ready to go, but it didn’t take long for mother nature to show me up. This is not a lodge hunt with paths to the animals, it’s as real as it gets. That being said the immense wilderness is truly amazing. The amount of wildlife unlike anywhere else I have hunted. Ryan put me in front of a lot of game. I took a very large black bear on my third day of hunting after passing many smaller bears. After this, we chased the brown bears seeing many smaller bears which I passed on. The big grizzly will have to wait until my next adventure arrives.

I would like to thank Les and Ryan for a truly memorable hunt. The people, the camp and the hunting I will have or a lifetime. Thank you Alaska Bush Adventures, I will see you all again”

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