Alaska Bush Adventures
Alaska Bush Adventures


I want to start by thanking Alaska Bush Adventures for a GREAT Alaskan adventure.

I selected Alaska Bush Adventures after exploring other options and talking with Les on the phone several times. It was obvious that Les was excited to talk about hunting Moose. My decision was also base on the fact that Les mentioned a couple of times in our conversations that the area we would be hunting was off the beaten path and very remote. This was my first trip to Alaska and I wanted to be out in an area that not many people have seen. I also wanted an outfitter who offered me the kind of experience that I would remember and talk about with the same passion Les had shared when I visited with him prior to booking with Alaskan Bush Adventures.

After arriving in camp and meeting the guys, guides and cook, who was also the camp handy man that could fix or repair anything it finally sank in. I discovered we were truly in an area that few people had ever seen. Before going to Alaska I talked with a lot of my friends about what type of gear I might need and realized that I had just about everything except hip waders. I’ve been an avid Elk hunter, a do it yourself type for the past 30 years so the gear list was easy to compile. When the hunting adventure began I discovered how important the selection of hip waders was since we wore hip waders all day, every day. I was successful with a big, mature bull moose. The rack measured 60 inches. Looking back this was truly an adventure of a lifetime. During the week spent in the bush we saw a number of smaller bulls and one monster bull late in the day that we did not have time to hunt that day. We never saw that bull again. He was absolutely huge. The rivers were full of salmon. There were a couple of guys in camp that fished so we had the opportunity to eat fresh cooked salmon and grayling, which was wonderful.

I had a GREAT time hunting with Alaskan Bush Adventures. I achieved my goal of going to and seeing the remote country of Alaska. Getting a Moose was an added bonus to this trip. I truly enjoyed my time spent in Moose camp.

I would recommend Alaskan Bush Adventures to anyone.
Sincerely, James Pustka, San Antonio Texas.

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