There is a big misconception that float hunting is done primarily by floating the river looking and waiting to harvest Moose as they are spotted along the way.  Whereas this is a possibility one should not rely on it happening that way and it is not the best use of your hunting time.  It’s important to take your time, making and breaking your camp only a few times along the way.  Hunting the area around your campsite is usually the most productive strategy to use.  Remember the actual time it takes to cover the distance you are traveling on the river itself is minor compared to the overall trips duration.  Once you are floating down the river corridor, you should constantly be aware of what is along or near the river.  Always keep your eyes open for any Moose rakes along the river.  The floating travel time of your trip needs to be treated just as important as when you are hunting from one or your campsites.  When viable, hike up in to the lower hills and ridges to glass good Moose habitat in the distance.  Stopping often to take breaks and look over any promising area is beneficial and can produce satisfactory results.  Walk back off the river till the sound of the river current doesn’t affect your hearing and begin to rake and call for an extended length of time.  Remember, patience and perseverance is not only a good virtue it is also important to the success of your trip, especially when hunting for Moose.  The game is there, but it sometimes takes time to spot them or draw them out when they are in the brush or bedded down.

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