In the Spring and Summer, the bulls are mostly loners that spend most of their days feeding on willows, birch and aspen twigs in the higher mountain valleys. The lush forage, which is abundant during the summer months, gives the necessary nourishment to aid in the trophy size growth of their antlers, which are covered with soft velvet. Their antlers begin to harden in late August. With the shorter days and colder frosty nights the bulls will begin to rub the velvet from their antlers starting later in August. During that time they start moving down from the higher mountain valleys toward the river and streams to look for cows, which also want to meet the bulls in their traditional breeding areas. With normal weather conditions the rut will begin in late September.

By using the Jon boats with outboard jet motors on them we can travel up or down rivers for miles to hunt and get into many of the smaller streams that feed the main rivers. From here we can use spike camps when hunting, or we may return to the base camp every night. This is can be very productive, as other hunters cannot fly along the river and land where we are hunting with our jet boats. This allows access to remote areas where mature animals inhabit that cannot be reached any other way. We are the only Guide/Outfitter in this region that operates on these many rivers and streams. Give us 6 inches of water and a chain saw to cut through old logjams and we can get to places never hunted before. Besides using Jet boats we may access the uplands by Piper Cub airplanes, Argos or 4×4 ATV’s. This way we can glass and hunt the higher mountain valleys, alpine meadows and open country.

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