“I’ve always been an avid hunter and have enjoyed many hunts here in Arizona however I always dreamed of hunting big game in a remote area of Alaska. When I met Ryan Krank several years back and heard all his stories about his company, Alaska Busch Adventures, I knew I needed to start saving my money to make my dream a reality.

My dream in fact became a reality when I flew to Alaska as a client of Alaska Bush Adventures. I had very high expectations of my 2 weeks in Alaska and I’m here to say “not only did they meet my expectations they surpassed them”. The trip was highly organized and well planed.

Over the two weeks of the hunt the amount of wild life in the area was more than I could have expected. I was on a black and brown bear hunt. I could’t believe the amount of black and brown bears there were in the area. Thanks to Ryan and Les I have a great trophy hanging on my wall. This was a trip of a lifetime. I just want to say thanks to Alaska Bush Adventures, Ryan and Les Krank for an amazing hunting trip. By far the best hunt I’ve been on in my lifetime..”

Brandon Noble

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